The easy way of thinking

What might make you think different? I can think of three things.

First and foremost – creative stimulus. Going to the theater, to the opera or anything similar. When you expose yourself to creativity, it will make you think differently.

The average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day. So it is for most people. Approximately 59,000 of them will come back day after day.
Studies have shown that these repetitive thoughts actually follows the same pathways in the brain, mainly for making figurative rut, and we are talking literally.

When you expose yourself to something fresh and new, you actually create new neural pathways in the brain.

The second thing I do is to learn. I love to read books, listen to audio, watch movies. Criticism is also something that makes you think. Once you learn, you think, but not if you just memorize facts. You must actively learn from sources that will make you think.

When you realize that ”- I have never thought of it that way before,” you know you are on the right track.

And the third way is to actually schedule time just to think. I take out my book, sitting in calm or walking in the forrest, without radio, telephone or music. Or so I sit and read a book.

So those are my three things.

What are yours? What do you do to ease your critical thinking? Do you have somewhere where you can be yourself? Do you have a special chair, or the special place you go, just to think?

Do you want to schedule time specifically for thinking time? To think clearly.
Mental brain teaser… Take time to pamper, play chess, read, solve problems etc. Just activating the brain with something you not usually do, you create new ways to bring new minds. Take a walk, but avoid traffic. Let nature bring you forward.

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